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Early on the morning of April 6, vandals drove into Heim Park at the bottom of Chestnut Trafficway.

The park sits across from Kansas City Athlete Training and Football Field, which is utilized by the Missouri Wolverines Youth Football Club in the fall.

The driver of the pickup truck proceeded to do donuts on the field around 2:35 a.m.

Instead of sharing the news of new grass planted on the field, program director Jim Tuso was burdened with the events that transpired this morning.

“My youth football team just had the football field seeded last week so all that work was destroyed in that end zone where the truck did that,” Tuso said.

Information about the driver or other recent incidents of vandalism at the park can be directed to Tuso at or Kansas City Parks and Recreation.

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“This is literally the 10th time the park has been vandalized already this year,” Tuso said. “It is getting out of hand and we are trying our best to get the word out.”

Tuso met with parks rangers on Tuesday to work toward a solution in addition to filling police report.

Since 2005, Kansas City Athlete Training has offered sports performance athletic preparation training to young athletes across the metro.

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In 2021, the program began offering a new 12,000 square foot indoor and outdoor turf facility and weight training area, along with several new group training opportunities.