The Kansas City, Missouri Health Department knows there are still many residents 65 years and older who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

We are urging Kansas City residents over the age of 65 to call 311 to schedule a vaccination appointment, whether or not they filled out the city’s online contact form.

“Before moving ahead with scheduling appointments for residents in lower priority tiers, we are first trying to identify and reach Kansas City residents over the age of 65 in all areas of the city who want to be vaccinated,” Health Department Director Dr. Rex Archer said. “We want no one, especially our older residents, to fall through the cracks of a backlog or in the swarm of people lined up for the vaccination.”  

In one year, Kansas City lost more than 475 residents over 60 years old to the disease; 88% of the COVID-19 deaths were residents in this age range. Because of this, the health department wants vaccine appointments to go to them first.

“We are appealing to everyone to offer assistance to our older residents,” said Tiffany Wilkinson, division manager of Communicable Disease Prevention and Public Health Preparedness. “Help your older friend or family member make a vaccination appointment and give them a ride to the clinic if they need it. They should not be left behind in this vaccination process.’

The state recently opened a new tier (Phase 1B — Tier 3), making approximately 550,000 more Missourians eligible to receive the vaccine. However, we want to be sure Kansas City, Missouri, residents are protected first.

To schedule an appointment at a Kansas City Health Department COVID-19 vaccine clinic, call 311 or 513-1313.

Those under age 65 should continue to sign up online and we will notify you when appointments are available for your group.

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