Grime: The Independence Avenue CID’s Alley Enhancement Plan involves researching proven methods for improving alleys, and then implementing measures to make the alleys clean, green, and activated. This includes installing hardware, native plants, and murals commissioned by local artists. The plan targets the East-West alley between Indiana and Bales, north of The Avenue.

The plan also involved cleaning up homeless camps in and adjacent to the alleyways resulting in the removal of over 1,000 pounds of trash, litter, and debris.
The implementation of the plan led to a sharp decrease in trash and litter in that area of The Avenue, according to the Avenue CID Avenue Ambassadors who continue to work the area and keep the improvements fresh.

Crime: On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, North Kansas City Police Officer and former Titan Security Avenue Angel, Daniel Vasquez was shot and killed in the line of duty during what should have been a routine traffic stop at 21st Street and Clay Avenue in North Kansas City.

Following that shooting, The Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce organized a series of safety meetings to address the issue of crime prevention and de-escalation on Independence Avenue. These meetings were attended by representatives from law enforcement agencies, business owners, and staff members to address crime prevention and de-escalation on Independence Avenue.

Chime: The Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, along with the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, partnered on several events in 2023 designed to increase tourism and shopping in the Independence Avenue International Marketplace.

One of those events, the annual International Taste and Tour, showcased over a dozen restaurants owned by refugees and immigrants located on the Avenue. The event is a great opportunity for guests to experience different international cuisines and support local businesses.