Kansas City, Mo., police officers from two patrol zones responded to an apartment building at 145 S. Hardesty to assist a property management company clear a building full of squatters last Thursday afternoon.

According to officials with Hasty Property Management, the building was secured repeatedly.

Initial access was gained by standing on an awning over the front door and breaking a window on the first to second floor landing. Then the window to a basement apartment was broken and a board dragged over the opening for protection.

Upon arrival, officers entered the building with property management officials. In total, 18 squatters and two pet cats were removed from the building.

Two of the illegal occupants were arrested for outstanding felony warrants, one for burglary and one for possession of a controlled substance. Both were taken in to custody. Tickets for trespassing were issued to the remaining subjects. 

Police returned to the building again Tuesday morning and cleared the building again.