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Yesterday, April 11 2019, the city of Lawrence, Kansas dropped DUI charges again Mayoral Candidate Quinton Lucas.

In October of 2018, Councilman for the Third District at-large and Mayoral Candidate Quinton Lucas was arrested under a DUI charge, after falling asleep at the wheel of his parked car after a night of drinking and deciding not to drive home.

Lucas’ attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case in February, saying that the car was not moving and therefore was not a crime and did not justify the charges against him. Now, the courts have decided in their own right that the case should be dropped against Lucas.

In a press release about the case being dropped Lucas said, “It is a fair result and one that we expected, and I am proud that I made the responsible choice not to drive that night. More importantly, this process has continued to make clear that access to justice is often out of reach for many in our society. I’ve been blessed with the time and resources to have the legal system function as it is intended. Too few in our society have that opportunity.”

Lucas has since donated $1,000 dollars to legal aid in order to help everyday citizens gain access to basic rights in the legal system that they are entitled to by law.

John Stamm, campaign representative for Lucas said, “We expect the matter to be put behind us and to focus on getting our (campaign) message out there.”