Federal Prosecutors have charged a man with ties to the Historic Northeast with drug trafficking after investigators seized 144 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in automobile wheels stored inside the man’s shed.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gonzalez of Kansas City possessed over 500 grams of meth with the intent to distribute. He remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing.

According to an affidavit filed earlier this month, a confidential source working with the Independence Police Department stated that she purchased at least one kilo of methamphetamine from Rodriguez-Gonzalez at least five days per week.

That source assisted detectives with a controlled purchase of meth on Thursday, Oct. 10. When Rodriguez-Gonzalez arrived at the predetermined meeting place with his wife and two children, he was placed under arrest.

Officers seized a handgun from a purse in the vehicle and a police canine officer alerted officers to hidden compartments in the vehicle that contained drugs.

Later that day, officers executed a search warrant at Rodriguez-Gonzalez’s residence near 13th and Askew Avenue. Additional weapons were located as well as a drug ledger and cash from the main residence. Inside a detached shed, officers located four Toyota wheels that seemed much heavier than usual.

Officers cut one of the tires open and found a metal compartment attached to the inside of one of the wheels. That compartment was cut open and revealed methamphetamine. When officers cut the other tires open, they found six metal compartments containing between five and six pounds of methamphetamine attached to the inside of each wheel.

Officers found the presence of illegal drugs in two additional vehicles at the residence as well as a large bag of marijuana inside the residence.

Officers with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department and the Jackson County Drug Task Force assisted Independence Police Officers in the investigation of this case.