the Flood of 1993 Through the Lens of Kenneth L. Kieser 

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Thirty years ago, in 1993, a devastating flood impacted the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Photographer Kenneth L. Kieser was there to capture it as well as the aftermath. In 2013, he wrote Missouri’s Great Flood of ’93, a book about his experiences. To commemorate the 30 th anniversary of the flood, the Kansas City Museum invited Kenneth to bring part of the story he told to life as only he can do it—through the written word and photographs.

Documenting a Disaster: the Flood of 1993 Through the Lens of Kenneth L. Kieser is a limited-run exhibit on view through October 22, 2023 at the Kansas City Museum. The exhibit is free to the public and is located in the Meeting Room & Education Space on the third floor of the Kansas City Museum.

The flood of 1993 left its mark on the region around Kansas City—on people, communities, buildings, and the land itself. The exhibit compares the flood to others in Kansas City’s history over the last 175 years and describes the unique weather events that led to the flood. Mostly on view are over two dozen remarkable photos that remind us of just how powerful Mother Nature can be. While the exhibit shows the devastation in the region closest to Kansas City, the book tells heartrending stories of towns along the Missouri River to St. Louis. It also shows
the cleanup, the rebuilding, the resiliency. The book is for sale in Wisteria, the Kansas City Museum’s retail store. To learn more about the Kansas City Museum, visit: