By Paul Thompson

Northeast News

September 9, 2016

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Are you ready for some futsal?

The five-on-five variation of soccer will be coming to the Concourse Park playground this fall, as the Kansas City Parks and Recreation department is set to begin the second phase of the popular Northeast park’s renovations early next week.

Primetime Contracting Corporation will serve as the contractor, having entered the lowest and best bid of $286,230 for the project. The scope of work, which is being financed through in-district PIAC funding, will include the resurfacing of the existing tennis courts, re-striping the courts for futsal (and basketball), installing the futsal goals, and putting up new ten-foot chain link fencing, posts, and gates surrounding the futsal courts.

“We’re going to tear down all the fencing, resurface and improve the tennis court area, and that will be converted into two futsal courts,” said Scott Overbay, Project Manager for KC Parks and Rec. “There will be a new tennis court built at a later date, when more funding becomes available.”

The maintenance building on the south side of the park’s fountain will also be partially renovated as part of playground project’s second phase. The work will include the installation of concrete walls for a portable toilet.

“That building is going to get a new roof, so there will be some work over there, too,” said Overbay.

The notice to proceed date for the project is on Monday, September 12. Work at the site is currently scheduled to be concluded by November 17.