Equity2 is an impact investment firm and sister organization of AltCap and Community Capital Fund. We take two approaches to community development: impact investing and the Community Investment Trust (CIT). Our impact investments focus on mission or purpose driven businesses that need capital to continue growing. Equity2 also looks for real estate projects that make a positive impact on the community. One such product is the Community Investment Trust (CIT).

The CIT is a program that builds generational wealth and has already proven successful in East Portland. The CIT model involves purchasing a mixed-use or commercial building that will ultimately be owned by the community around it.  After completing an introduction to investing course, community members can buy $10-100 worth of shares in the building per month. The value of the share will be re-evaluated at the end of the year, and participating neighbors will earn a dividend (a payment) at that time based on the new value. This program is protected from loss, and your investment is available if you ever need to withdraw it. 

The sooner that someone starts investing, the more they make at the end of the year and the more shares they have as the value of the property increases. This is a way to have your money make money for you while you also get to own a little piece of the neighborhood!

We are currently looking for an available building in the Historic Northeast for this program. This building could be already occupied, or completely open. We will fix up the space and help advertise the businesses located within the CIT building. Neighbors who are interested can take the classes and choose whether or not they would like to invest some of their own money in the building. If you are a neighbor, a business, a property owner or just interested in learning more, Equity2 would like to invite you to a community meeting.
Please email Sarah at sarah@e2investing.com or visit our website https://www.e2investing.com for more information.

Jerusalem Farm is hosting a week full of Community Research Sessions. We invite all individuals who live in the Northeast to attend.  The purpose of these sessions is to develop our 2022 Northeast Livability Survey. This survey will be conducted in the months of April and May and is used as a way to advocate for the needs and desires of Northeast Residents.

The dates and times for these sessions are:

March 19 – 1-2:30pm @ Kansas City Museum, Third Floor

March 21 – 7-8:30pm @ Jerusalem Farm

March 22 – 7-8:30pm @ PH Coffee

March 23 – 7-8:30pm @ Revolución Educativa

March 24 – 10am-11:30am @ Eleos Coffee

March 25 – 2-3:30pm @ Jerusalem Farm

March 26 – 3-4:30pm @ North East Branch – Kansas City Public Library

Learn more about Jerusalem Farm at www.jerusalemfarm.org or by following their organization on Facebook – @JerusalemFarm . For questions call (816) 421-1855.