Dominique McCrary
Editorial assistant
Northeast News

Are you willing to share your opinions about the stores along Independence Avenue?

The Independence Avenue Community Improvement District (CID) is working on a project to bring more customers from the community to the shops along the corridor, and they’re seeking public input in the process.

“Their dollars are leaving the community,” said Sydney Jones, an intern for the CID. “We want to bring them back in and show how unique the shops on Independence Avenue are.”

Jones has put together a questionnaire that will help the CID find out what is drawing people to shops outside of the Avenue, and what is keeping them from wanting to shop in the area. The goal of the questionnaire is to figure out what the community thinks about the shops and what they can do to market them better. The questionnaire is “a good start to the project,” according to Jones.
“It is a way for me to gauge the public’s opinion,” she added.

Jones also plans on visiting Independence Avenue shops and speaking with community members, but she hopes the questionnaire will reach people that she may not meet in person.

The questionnaire includes 10 questions, allowing the participant to offer experience-based responses with a ranking on a scale of one to five. There are also some short answer questions for participants to share their thoughts.
To participate in the questionnaire, go to this link: