KCMO Parks Resident Engagement Coordinator Kelly Jander marshalled roughly sixty Rockhurst High School students on Wednesday morning who teamed with Parks Department crews to clean out the treeline along the Chestnut Avenue Greenway between Cliff Drive and the Guinotte Ramp Wednesday morning.

The volunteers, all Freshmen, picked up almost 2,000 pounds of trash and litter as part of their in-school, day of service. 

“They’re doing volunteer service in various locations throughout Kansas City,” said Katie Bland, a Rockhurst Math Teacher who helped coordinate the effort.  “We partner with Parks and Rec on different volunteer opportunities and today our group is here today, picking up trash along Cliff Drive and Chestnut.”

Park Rangers were also on hand to assist in the clearing of three large transient camps on the East side of Chestnut as well. Rangers notified camp residents in advance of the clean up as well as offered resources and services which were refused by all the camp occupants.

When Parks crews showed up today, camp residents were already loading a U-Haul rental truck driven by a nearby resident who was allowing them to store their belongings and camp on his property. Parks Department staffers indicated the truck had made already made three trips from the camp to the new, undisclosed location somewhere in a Northeast neighborhood.

Parks and Rec crews remained on the scene cleaning up the remains of the camp and the trash picked up by the students. “These kids today were just rock solid,” said Jander.  “They just jumped right in and got after it and did a great job for us today. So appreciate what they brought to the table.”