Since its founding in 1994, the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce has supported and promoted businesses within and beyond the Historic Northeast footprint. This month we highlight and thank these long time supporters of the Chamber and the Northeast News.

Kendrick & Associates Dental

Dr. J. Edward Kendrick, DDS, has been a mainstay of healthcare for Northeast Kansas City for decades. In 1975, Kendrick joined his father’s dental practice, which was founded at Monroe and Independence Avenue in 1952.

Kendrick said the type of dentistry that occurs in his office at 4605 Independence Ave. is more basic and disease-oriented, which is something that fulfills his passion of furthering people’s lives. Kendrick believes dental health is integral to total body health, calling it a window to the body. Things like pneumonia can originate with oral bacteria, and gum disease can lead to a host of issues including pancreatic cancer. He occasionally refers patients for diabetes evaluations based on the appearance of their gums.

Because it’s essential to overall health, Kendrick’s mission is to teach his patients how to care for their teeth between cleanings to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. He has realized over the years that some patients don’t believe they can afford preventative care and only seek help when it becomes too painful to ignore.

Kendrick stays so busy that he would rather educate patients than have to repair the same problem twice. Throughout his career, he has seen family patterns of seeking care pass on to younger generations. For example, if parents have lost their teeth and have dentures, children are likely to follow suit.

In addition to educating patients, Kendrick has been charged with grading the mannequins on behalf of the Missouri Dental Association for dental assistant hopefuls. He also occasionally mentors people that come to observe clinical activities as they consider dentistry as a career.

Kendrick’s dental office is open various hours daily, Monday through Friday. To make an appointment, call 816-231-3333.

Central Bank of Kansas City

Central Bank has over seven decades of investing in Kansas City, starting in 1950, when Central Bank was chartered as a state banking corporation, with the first branch at 3030 Truman Road opening in March of 1951. In 1975, operations moved to a larger home on Independence Avenue, which still serves Northeast Kansas City clients today. With two locations, the Main branch at 2301 Independence Boulevard, and the East location at 3740 Truman Road, both offer convenient drive-through banking services.

Central Bank customers enjoy the convenience of online and mobile banking through their app which provides various transaction services outside regular banking location hours.

Since 1998, Central Bank of Kansas City has been proud to be a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). The CDFI fund is a U.S. Treasury initiative to increase economic opportunity and promote community development investments for underserved populations and in distressed communities in the United States. As a CDFI, Central Bank is able to invest fully into our Northeast community.

As a community partner, Central Bank hosts and sponsors various events throughout the year to benefit their customers. On Friday, May 3, the Main branch will host their annual Fit Friday wellness event, with on-the-spot health screenings, resources, snacks and prizes in the bank lobby from 12 to 4 pm.

Central Bank of Kansas City at 2301 Independence Blvd., is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (til 6pm in drive-thru), 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays, and 24 hours a day at The East Branch at 3740 E. Truman Rd offers the same hours but is closed on Saturdays.

KC CARE Health Center

Operated by Dr. Elaine Joslyn as Northeast Family Care for more than 20 years, KC CARE’S Northeast location is located at 4601 Independence Avenue. Upon retirement, Dr. Joslyn relied on KC CARE to preserve her legacy, trusting their history of providing an affirming experience to everyone in the community. Rocio Garcia, Patient Services Supervisor, and Karen Leuenberger, Physician Assistant, have both been serving patients at the location since Dr. Joslyn’s practice operated there. Retaining much of the staff from Dr. Joslyn’s practice allowed KC CARE to maintain its reputation as a true neighborhood family clinic. As KC CARE Assistant Chief Medical Officer Michelle Goss says, “Karen Leuenberger has quite the following.”

KC CARE services available in the Historic Northeast location include primary care, pediatrics, testing and screening, sexual health, behavioral health, HIV services, and community services. KC CARE also operates a pharmacy at the Midtown location and offers dental services on Research Medical Campus.

Founded in 1971 upon the guiding statement that healthcare is a human right, KC CARE has innovated and adapted to meet the needs of the neighborhoods they serve. As they look toward the future, they not only seek to provide healthcare to people who face the greatest barriers, but to help build a community free of health disparities. 

Whether you are seeking an annual physical, a sexual and reproductive health wellness exam, childhood immunizations, behavioral health care, or support navigating the healthcare and insurance systems, KC CARE wants residents of the Historic Northeast to know they are here to meet those needs.

To schedule a visit call 816.753.5144. To learn more about all the services KC CARE has to offer, visit