Michael Bushnell

This week, in conjunction with National Happiness Day and the Spring Equinox, we feature an iconic Historic Northeast institution that served up not only cheeseburgers but deli sandwiches, and ice cream and probably sparked a high school romance or two in the process. How do you get happier than that?

Cascio’s Corner was located at 4603-05 St. John Avenue, right across from the old Gladstone Theater.  According to the promotional message on the back of the postcard, Cascio’s Corner was an “old fashioned soda fountain, delicatessen and grill” that featured “good food at reasonable prices.” Call-ahead orders were encouraged to call BE 1-ROSS or 7877. The BE translates to the old-school Benton telephone exchange.

Cascio’s Corner offered catering for all sorts of events such as birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries as evidenced by the old newspaper ads from The Northeast News archives.

back of postcard

Cascio’s Corner opened in the mid-1960s and was a favorite after-school location for hundreds of Northeast kids who attended Gladstone Elementary or Northeast Junior or Senior High a few blocks away. In 1979 the restaurant closed. Later that year in the August 30th edition, The Northeast News announced their move to the old Cascio’s Corner space.