EllieAna Hale
Editorial Assistant

Cafe Cá Phê hosted a Yard Sale Pop-Up Event on June 17 to fundraise and support local small businesses.

Cafe Cá Phê has been working diligently to raise the funds to finish its final brick and mortar that will be located on 5th Street in Columbus Park. The cafe is close to the end goal and is on track to continue the construction of the interior of the shop.

The yard sale pop-up is one of a few events that will be hosted in the coming three weeks to gather support from the community and small businesses and finish out fundraising.

“We are still finishing up our build,” said Jackie Nguyen, owner and founder of Cafe Cá Phê. “We are still working on raising $8,000 to $10,000 more to finish out our build, so we just thought it would be nice because we know that the neighborhood does Third Friday and we wanted some activation down here, as well, to show that we have small business support and other small business that we want to continue to support.”

Nguyen asks for community support and community activation during this time as the Cafe Cá Phê team gets ready to open its doors to the public.

“Coming out to the events that we hold is the biggest support,” Nguyen said. “Following and sharing our journey once the shop opens, and to come to the small business in this area as well. We want to show that we exist here.”

The following small businesses, which include queer-owned, women-owned and POC-owned businesses include the following: Avec Moi Sweets, Sugarfold, Chamoy Boi, Goodkid Collective, Krazy Krepes KC, Swoon Cookies, Laini Jewelry and Art, Soulfull Accessories, Lily Floral Designs.

“Remember to shop small,” Nguyen said.