By Michael Bushnell

This week’s historic postcard from the 1932 American Royal, showing five prize-winning mules from Hineman’s Jack Farm located in Dighton, Kan. 

The description on the back of the card reads: “Best five mules at the American Royal, Kansas City, 1932. Owned by Hineman’s Jack Farm, Dighton, Kansas. This herd of 5 mules comprises the champion mules of the Illinois, Iowa and Oklahoma State Fairs of 1932. Also champion mule and champion pair mules American Royal 1932. We are the largest breeders of Mammoth Jacks and Mules in the U.S.” 

A “Jack” mule is simply the term used to describe a male donkey. “Mammoth Jackstock” is the largest breed of donkey, sometimes reaching as much as 16 hands in height. 

The Hineman farm was “founded” by H.T. (Herbert) Hineman and his wife Dora, who homesteaded the land in Lane County in 1885, living in a sod dugout. The farm eventually grew to over 18,000 acres and became one of the largest mule breeding operations in the world. 

Hineman Farms is still in operation today under the D&A Farms brand, a partnership between Don and Andy Hineman. D&A operates roughly 10,000 acres, primarily in Lane County, Kan., producing winter wheat, sorghum, and corn. If you’d like a closer look, the website is