Julia Williams
Managing Editor

Kansas City celebrated World Music Day around the metro with its fourth annual Make Music Day, June 21. Northeast events commenced at 11 a.m., at PH Coffee and concluded around 9 p.m., at The Colonnade in Concourse Park. 

Photo by Julia Williams

Established in 1982, World Music Day began in France, originally titled “Fête de la musique,” or party of the music. Held on the longest day of the year, World Music Day welcomes the summer solstice with gifts of sound. 

This rhythmic commemoration spans over 120 countries and 1,000 cities world-wide — creating a must-listen, free event for all-ages across the globe. 

Photo by Julia Williams

While Make Music performances occurred throughout the city, several Northeast businesses opened their doors — including Knuckleheads, PH Coffee and Northeast Community Center, among others. 

Members of local musical group “Jass” — SliKc and Clarence — took PH Coffee’s stage Friday afternoon. 

With Clarence on keys and SliKc vocalizing, the two showcased the benefits this celebration brings to its artists as well as businesses. 

Photo by Julia Williams

“It’s unity,” SliCk said in an interview Friday. “No matter what goes on with the world, music brings us together as people.” 

This over four-decade, societal harmony continues to bring positive experiences to attendees and performers alike. 

Photo by Julia Williams

“It’s just fun,” Clarence said. “It’s a chance to get connected with the people and come out and say hi.” 

Ordinarily a three-act group, SliKc, Clarence and Jass perform around the metro and also have work available on streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. 

For those interested in seeing Jass, the group will perform at 6:30 p.m., Aug. 25, at the Iron District.