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When the Kansas City Museum began architectural design planning for Corinthian Hall in 2015, a priority was to create a café and soda fountain that would not only serve delicious food and beverages for museum visitors, but also offer culinary programs to explore Kansas City’s history and cultural heritage while collaborating with Kansas City’s chefs and entrepreneurs. Long, unexpected delays in procuring and shipping kitchen equipment due to Covid-19 disrupted the museum’s timeline to have food and beverage ready for Corinthian Hall’s reopening in October 2021. However, museum staff have been diligently working through the challenges while implementing innovative, intimate culinary programs, and visitors have been patient and enthusiastic about future visits to the museum that will include memorable meals.

Café at 3218, sponsored by The Jack F. & Glenna Y. Wylie Charitable Trust, is located on the first floor in the original kitchen and servants dining area, and Elixir, the soda fountain, sponsored by The Barton P. & Mary D. Cohen Charitable Trust, is located on the lower level where the museum had a beloved soda fountain experience starting in the early 1980s. These spaces are intended to bring people together to enjoy seasonal menus and participate in culinary programs including cooking demonstrations and classes, chef’s dinners, etc. Café at 3218 and Elixir have been designed to encourage everyone to have a seat at the table, celebrating community and sharing the recipes, stories, and histories that nourish us.