This week The Northeast Newscast sits down with Indian Mound President Jimmy Fitzner to talk about some of the activities and challenges the neighborhood organization is tackling. Indian Mound is the largest of all the neighborhoods that comprise Historic Northeast, bordered by Independence Avenue on the south, Gladstone Boulevard on the north, Belmont Blvd. on the east and Jackson/Sunrise/Elmwood on the west.

Indian Mound is one of Northeast’s “newer” old neighborhoods with development beginning in the early 1900’s and progressing through the 1940’s post-war period. The neighborhood is home to a very active neighborhood organization that embraces its diversity and is quickly becoming known as a burgeoning arts enclave. Some of Indian Mound’s better-known assets are historic Budd Park, the Indian Mound that overlooks the Missouri River Valley, one of Kansas City’s oldest Jewish cemeteries and of course, the neighborhood can lay claim to at least half of the infamous Independence Avenue “truck-eating” bridge.