Diane Euston is a local Historian and a Broadcast Journalism Instructor at Grandview High School. She writes a regular history column for the Martin City Telegraph and her blog, The New Santa Fe Trailer. She became actively involved in saving and preserving Sauer Castle in Kansas City, Kansas about three years ago when the castle’s rapidly deteriorating condition was shared on several local history social media outlets. Sauer Castle was built in 1871 by businessman Anton Sauer and sits on a high bluff overlooking the Armourdale Bottoms.
Diane began contacting and lobbying Unified Government officials in Kansas City, Kansas, strongly advocating the saving of the structure. To learn more about the saving Sauer Castle movement, tune in to this week’s Northeast Newscast Podcast with Diane and news Publisher Michael Bushnell.

YouTube link to the Save Sauer Castle page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSWbMzu247o.