On this week’s episode of the Northeast Newscast we’re joined by Pendleton Heights Board Vice President Linda Fleischman and KCAI Assistant Professor Hector Casanova who are here to share with us an exciting project they’ve been working on as a community to revitalize their alleys.

On May 19, the Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association received a Neighborhood Rising Fund grant from Community Capital Fund in the form of a check for $4,850. This NRF grant wholly serves as the foundation for the Pendleton Heights Fairy Lights & Murals Project.

The neighborhood has been working on making their alleys safer, bringing the community together, and clearing brush and debris. This two phase project includes clearing the alleys and installing solar powered “fairy lights” and murals painted by KCAI students with input from the community. Concepts will be shared at a later date. Email Hector with ideas at phalleysmuralproject@gmail.com.