On this week’s episode of the Northeast Newscast, we’re joined by Kate Barsotti, the president of the Columbus Park Neighborhood Council, and Erin Royals, a tenant and urban planner. We discuss the six-acre Housing Authority of Kansas City property that currently has a Request for Proposals out, the neighborhood’s fight against Type 2 Short-Term Rentals, and how nearby stadium builds could affect their tight-knit community.

In this discussion, we reference resources that are free and accessible to the public, which will be linked below.

Parcel Viewer can be used to search any property and see codes cases, permits, ownership information and more at maps.kcmo.org/apps/parcelviewer/.

CompassKC can be used to search public records, explore activity happening in your neighborhood, apply for permits, view a calendar of public hearings, and more at compasskc.kcmo.org.

For a Northeast News article on Short-Term Rentals, visit northeastnews.net/pages/columbus-park-fights-airbnb-takeover.

The Small Apartment Study that Erin Royals references in the episode can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12khzZPGxBIXmXkM_SPh_fyE0sY7SnqR-/view?usp=sharing