On this week’s episode of the Northeast Newscast, we’re sitting down with Art as Mentorship’s founder Enrique Chi and Operations Director Peter Beatty.

Art as Mentorship is a Northeast Kansas City-based non-profit organization that takes an innovative approach to fully grasp young students’ full potential through music programs. They envision an inclusive community where under-represented artists are emboldened to raise their voices through music.

Enrique and Peter share info about the upcoming Rebel Song Academy, the heart of their programming. The 12-week music camp takes an innovative approach to exploring young artists’ full potential through creativity, mentorship opportunities, and fostering their inherent sense of exploration and achievement. Students work directly with industry-professional mentors to write, record, publish, and perform an original song. Find more info at artasmentorship.org.

The music at the beginning of this episode is created by mentee Darianna, and the music at the end is created by mentee Olivia.