On Saturday, March 4, the Northeast News, the Citizens’ Association and the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidate forum for City Council candidates running for First, Second, Fifth and Sixth districts.

Incumbent First District At-Large City Councilman Kevin O’Neill, Fifth District At-Large candidates Michael Kelley and Darrell Curls, write-in Fifth District candidate Charles Byrd, and Sixth District At-Large candidate Jill Sasse were in attendance.

Candidates filled out questionnaires, which are available as they were received here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gPwA2WC8Yw_V_87IC6i2lZ_EgWW79uM-?usp=sharing

The questions, including those submitted by the audience, that were asked at the forum are below.

  • Trash. Kansas City is one of the trashiest cities in our region, given litter, street trash and dumped items. Compared to Kansas City, KS, which even in its more urban areas is much cleaner. How do you address this in the long term? 
  • Yes/No, would you support returning to a route-based, bulky item pick up system? 
  • If you have a desire to reduce violence among our youth and young adults, what steps would you take or who would you reach out to?
  • Yes/No question: If elected, would you budget the required funds to fix all potholes in a six month period?
  • How will you increase the supply of affordable housing?
  • Give us a price (range)  for affordable housing. 
  • What is the city’s practice for sidewalk replacement? 
  • Yes/No: Do you have an answer to address the homelessness in 2023? 
  • The Kansas City Royals are talking about a downtown stadium. How will you protect the neighborhoods and support services that will be impacted by this? 
  • How can you help a head of a family or a single parent to get a job or start a micro, dba business like those in developing countries?