Youth Fiction from 3rd Graders at Frontier School of Innovation

The Haunted House

by Adrian

A long time ago, a very mysterious woman in her house everyone was worried because she was crying every night. They would hear kids screaming help and no one heard them.

Then new people moved into the neighborhood but they thought it was a regular neighborhood. They were so wrong. A girl was screaming “Help,” and a little 9-year-old boy named Alejandro called his friend Jesus.

They were scared if the kids were kidnapped and Jesus came over. Alejandro was scared but they went to the house and they opened the door, but it was just a big hole in it.

“What, this lady has a hole in the floor,” Alejandro said.

They said that is where the screaming is coming from and that’s when they were worried. There was a ladder and they climbed down and they saw a bunch of kids in a cellar no woman to be found.

The kids said to get out there so they did and they went back home. It was the next morning and his parents were going out of town. So he and his sister needed a babysitter. Then she showed up and of course he called Jesus again, so he came over.

Then of course they went back to the lady’s house. But when they were there, they recognized someone from the cellar. It was a girl he recognized from school and her name was Adriana.

Alejandro said to Jesus “Why is Adriana in this cellar?”

Jesus said “Shut up what if she’s in there?”

“Really, do we have to, Jesus?”

“Yes, Alejandro.”

“Fine,” Alejandro said. “Let’s go and find her in the that crazy lady’s cellar.”

So they did.

“Hello, Adriana.”

“Oh my gosh, it’s them,” said Adriana.

“Do you want to get saved or not,” Jesus said.

“Just get me out of here. I can’t believe they’re saving me,” said Adriana.

Then they found the key and let her out then they took her home and said “what happened?”

“So I was walking down the street then a woman grabbed me and I was in the cellar,” Adriana said.

Then they wondered to themselves why and when was she doing this. Also, they wondered if the cops were coming, what they didn’t know is they did not call them.

So she ended up still kidnapping kids but who this time?

“Also, someone was on the side of the road. I think her name was Mercy,” Alejandro said.

“We need to finish this off,” Jesus said.

“So we got to come up with a plan quick,” Jesus said.

Then they started planning and they said first we go to the lady’s house. Then we try to bribe her with one of  us to kidnap.

“Just to bring something out not for real,” Jesus said.

Then we would go inside and find the key for the cells and then we get them out.

“Ok I’m already on it,” Adriana said.

Then she started to distract her and Alejandro and Jesus went in.

Then they found the key and got every one out. Then everyone went home and had a great amazing life!



The Shocker

Written by: Yasmin Minjares
Created by: Eric Minjares
Inspired by: Shazam

It was a normal day, Adrian was in school and they went on a field trip to the brand new factory. The factory wasn’t normal, that was all he knew.

He left the class and went into a secret room. He saw a lot of electric animals, he was acting crazy.

Then, he pushed a button that unlocked all the containers. He tried to get out of the room, but the door was locked.

He got electrocuted by all of them.

Out of nowhere he turned into a grown up with animal tattoos. He called his friend Ale, but he didn’t believe him. Ale told him to meet at the Park. When he got there, they shook hands and Ale got shocked. Ale was an expert.

“Sorry for shock…  boom, he had a lot to figure out.”


The Little Ant

by Nureni

Once there was a little ant. He had many enemies. They would not leave him alone! He got bullied every day. He did not even tell his parents. One day, his worst enemy, the spider, went in front of the ant. The spider said “look at this wimp!” so the spider cracked the ant’s back. The ant screamed! The ant was now in the hospital!
The doctors were scared. His parents were scared. Ant’s back bone was broken. Ant cried! After five weeks in the hospital, Ant had enough! Ant went to sleep and he had a dream that he lived in a world with peace where nobody bullied him and all his enemies were now friends. It was like the best life ever! Soon, Ant woke up. He wanted to make the world a better place! Every day, he would be nice to people. Then, soon, his enemies were now friends. He was now the nicest thing. He never ever got bullied.


The Mystery of the Missing Bat

by Yahye

Long ago, there was a boy eating breakfast. He was alone. He heard someone knock on the door. He walked slowly to the door and opened it. He saw someone with sharp teeth, red eyes and a long cape. The boy said “Who are you?” Then, the weird thing said “My name is X Three Thousand. I need to go to the evil scientist’s lab. So Bye Bye!”
A few weeks later: Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Oh who could that be? The boy went to go to the door, rushing to see anyone. He opened the door and saw X Three Thousand and said “Hi.” Suddenly, he said “I am a vampire. I can turn into a bat and I’ve came here to eat you.” So, the boy ran as fast as he could to make his bat wings tired. The bat screamed “Aghhhhahhhhhh” and called his bat friends. Suddenly, his friends were not mean or evil, so the bat ran away and got lost. Suddenly, his bat friends haven’t seen him for years. His bat friends were sad, so the evil bat went to the evil scientist’s lab and said “I want to be friendly, not mean and rude.” The evil scientist said no. Suddenly, the bat got angry. It turned into a bald eagle and destroyed his evil machine and the bat and the scientist were back to being nice. The bat heard his friends screaming, calling him, so the bat followed the noise and then the bat and his bat friends went to the home.



Mercy: A Girl with Powers

by Adriana

Chapter 1: Describing a Girl with Powers

Hi! I’m Mercy, and a lot of people think I have superpowers when there’s thunder. This is nonsense! I really don’t think it’s true, but I have brown hair and dark eyes. I like wearing t-shirts and jeans. I’m wearing that right now!

Every time it rains, and there is thunder, I just get crazy. I’m not joking! I just start getting crazy like a monkey!

I know I have a family, a home, money, and only a friend. Her name is Fatima. She’s very nice to me. We sit next to each other at lunch, class, and we talk to each other all day! We are like BFFs right now!

We even have a BFF bracelet, it’s prettier than my telsa. Just kidding! I don’t have a telsa. Ridiculous!

Chapter 2: How I was born

I was born in 2009. I’m ten years old. When I was born, I was born with this disease called “Thunder Predator.” Weird name for a disease. It sure is. I was born normal but with a disease.

I feel like I was very special. Because my parents love me so much! Even my two sisters and my brother!

Chapter 3: Thunder Warning

So today at school, in class, kiddos were  talking about thunder coming tomorrow. I was shocked and scared. I didn’t know what to expect! Till it was the end of the day, kiddos were even talking about me! Rude! But my teacher said to stay in the class. So I did.

She told me “be careful with your disease tomorrow at recess, ok?”

“Ok, I’ll  try,” I replied back. Then I left the classroom.

Chapter 4: The Day

It was the next day. I was terrified for recess! I couldn’t believe this was happening! Then, recess! Oh no! We went to recess. We played for a couple of minutes. Then…


Chapter 5: Morning Wake Up

I woke up quickly, panicked, and I was breathing so hard! Good thing it wasn’t real!



Girl named Olive

by Veronica

There was a little girl named Olive. She has been the favorite child of the Rose family. There is another child named Blue, but she was invisible for her parents.

Not for Olive though! One day when Olive and Blue were 5, Olive and Blue went to Kindergarten. Olive looked around for a friend. She grabbed someone random.

“Hi, wanna be friends?” said Olive.

“Sure,” said the guy.

They have been best friends ever since. Olive had this crush on this boy named Zack. Olive was always daydreaming about him. Two years later, in the second grade, Zack was in the same class as Olive. He even sat next to her ALL THE TIME!

They did everything together like be partners, share stuff and even be in front of him. Nine years later, they’re 16. Olive puts a note in Zack’s locker.

It said “meet me at the cherry tree outside of school.” As she ran away, she fell. Zack was in front of her when she fell. Olive ran quickly. Zack went to his locker.

As he did, the note fell onto the ground. Zack picked it up and read it. When he went there, there was Blue, eating her favorite food, blueberries. Zack went over to her.

“Hey, did you make this?” he said. Blue stood up and read the note.

“This says OR which means Olive Rose. I’m BB or Blue Rose.”

Zack goes to the other tree. Olive is there.

“Zack, I like you!” said Olive.

“I like you, too,” said Zack.

In Zack’s mind: “I’m only using her to get rich! Hahaha!”

Two years later, they’re 18. Olive was planning a party. It was in two weeks. Olive went to dancing lessons just to dance with her boyfriend.

One week later, Olive came home and saw her sister on the ground while her parents were screaming at her just for getting a B on her test. Olive ran to Blue. Her mom stopped her.

“Sweetie, I got you a shiny new dress!” said her mom.

Olive grabbed Blue’s hand and went to her room. Five minutes later, Olive ran to get Blue’s stuff. They went to the kitchen.

They stayed there for one week.When the party was done, Olive ran out and got the decorations with Blue. When Olive barely got in the room, her mom grabbed her hand.

“Sweetie, I’m scared!” said her mom.

“I don’t care! Save it for Blue!” said Olive. She pulled her hand off of Maya’s (mom’s) hand.

“You’re not the mom I know and love!” said Olive.

She grabbed Blue and headed for the door. At the party, Zack was with Olive. Olive wanted to get water. When she came back, she saw Zack was with Blue!?!?

“What are you doing with my boyfriend?” said Olive.

“Babe um… let’s play truth or dare!” said Zack.

Blue knew what to do. Olive needed to use the bathroom. When she came out, she heard “Zack, truth or dare,” said Blue.

“Truth,” said Zack.

“What do you think about Olive?” said Blue.

“Nothing! I’m only using her to get rich, but Blue I love you!”

“Olive, come out!” said Blue. Olive came out angry. She said “Charge!”

Pugs went over to Zack.

“Ah, dogs! I hate them!” said Zack.

When they got home, Olive told her parents what happened. Mom and dad were proud, and love to call them both “the golden child.”


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