LTE: Endangered children at The Concourse

I live only a few hundred feet from the very successful children’s park at Gladstone and Lexington. I am close enough to hear the screams of joy and delight. I have seen as many as 200 park visitors in a day enjoying both sides of our beautiful park. I also drive by that park several times a day. I observe most every time that I pass, a child runs into the street, also some adults open the vehicle doors on the driver side and let children out into the street.

The 300 block of Gladstone is known for cars and trucks driving at excessive speeds. Even more, huge trucks rumble up and down our street. We need to protect our children and the foolish adults who make poor decisions. The very best way would be to close off the bridge to stop traffic.

Fortunately, this will not cause any traffic delays; I know this because this bridge was closed for two years in 2002 and 2003. We must not wait until the screams we hear are the ones of pain and sorrow.
Should the bridge not be closed all year, March through October is an absolute must. The other four months can be active, also. To slow down the excessive speeding through the park, put a stop sign at Smart and Gladstone. At either end of the park, put speed bumps (like at 18th and Vine).

Concerned Northeast resident,

Tony Abbott

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