A Governor’s Timeline

The news has been hot lately in regard to the admission of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens affair, allegedly with a former hairdresser in St. Louis. While a denial is a denial, this dog wonders about the timeline and when this alleged fling took place.
Both the Governor and his wife Sheena, in carefully crafted statements, have stated through their spokes-attorney that the affair took place before “Machine Gun Eric” was elected Governor. Politics being what they are today, however, requires one to declare a candidacy early in order to be considered a serious threat in the race. Greitens officially filed for candidacy on February 23, 2016 but had announced his candidacy in September of 2015. Doing the timeline math, it certainly looks to this calendar reading canine that about the same time candidate Greitens was lecturing us on his family values and being a political outsider, he was dancing with someone other than what brung him.
Greitens was quick to tell his adoring public that he was a political outsider. Someone not connected to or influenced by the evils that plague political insiders and career politicians that so often populate Jefferson City. The Dog finds it ironic that now, the Governor is “fighting for his political life.” Wait. What? Now all of a sudden Mr. Political outsider has a political life?
Here’s a suggestion for the Gov. moving forward: maybe if you opened up your administration to the press corps and offer a little transparency, instead of constantly advancing your own social media message to your chosen audience, you’d have a little bit easier go of things. That request for transparency extends to the internal communications of your office. How can you justify the use of Confide – a text messaging app that deletes texts and prevents users from saving or taking screen shots of messages – when the work-related communications of our officeholders are intended to be public records?
You’re the Governor for ALL Missouri citizens, not just the ones you try to amaze on social media by climbing rock walls or training with the Troopers. We get it. You’re an ego filled man-boy. We’d offer you a statesman’s hat but we don’t think there’s one big enough.

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