Due Process – Denied!

Posted July 1, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
July 2, 2014

Kansas City’s Landmarks Commission was hard at it again last Friday when the Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association petitioned them for a rehearing on its ridiculous decision that a chain link fence is indeed proper and fitting for use in a Historic District.

For those of you keeping track, this news-canine called for the resignation of some of those preservation commissioners for the decision over the Scuola Vita Nuova project at the old Don Bosco High School. Last Friday, the commission charged with enforcement of the city’s historic preservation code denied the PHNA its appeal based on lack of new evidence. This comes from the recommendation of Landmarks Honcho Brad Wolf, who during his almost 15 year tenure with Landmarks, has issued less than a handful of citations, seemingly when it benefits him to do so, despite being charged with the mission of enforcing the city’s historic preservation code.

Commissioner Gangwere even went so far as to say he actually disagrees with the city’s historic preservation code in this instance. Really? Well here’s a news flash Mr. Gangwere, if you disagree with the city’s code regarding historic preservation, what in the name of thunder are you doing sitting on a commission that was, by design, formed to preserve the city’s history? Hit the road and don’t let the door hit ya. While we’re on the subject of needing to hit the road, this news-dog thinks its high time Mr. Wolf find new employment, too. Knowingly and willfully withholding evidence in order to curry favor is criminal, Mr. Wolf.

Fact: this city’s Landmarks Commission is worthless and needs to be put out with yesterday’s garbage. Commissioner Gangwere, you just flat need to go, as does the whole brood who are standing by this moronic decision that a chain link fence is historically appropriate.