Illegal dumper caught with public’s help

Posted April 4, 2014 at 8:20 am

Michael Bushnell
Northeast News
April 4, 2014


According to Alan Ashurst, Code Enforcement Officer for the city’s Neighborhood and Housing Services Department, the illegal dumper showcased recently on the web pages of The Northeast News has been arrested and jailed an a multitude of charges, including a number of outstanding Jackson County warrants.

Thursday evening, according to Ashurst, Kansas City Police were actively looking for the vehicle. Officers witnessed the vehicle near Third Street and Benton Boulevard and initiated a traffic stop. Upon checking the driver, it was determined he was wanted on outstanding warrants and was immediately taken in to custody.

“We got a real bad guy off the streets with this one,” Ashurst said. The suspect has a number of convictions on his record including forcible rape, armed criminal action and second-degree Assault. “Your paper and the citizens of this community got that guy off the streets” Ashurst continued.“Tell everyone thank you and keep up the good fight.”

The suspect remains jailed and will face at least three illegal dumping charges.

Joe Jarosz
Northeast News
April 2, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — The city’s illegal dumping investigator is asking for your help.

Code Enforcement Officer Alan Ashurst sent an email to Northeast News saying a truck was spotted illegally dumping three times near Oakley Avenue and E. 33rd Terrace. Now the city’s Neighborhood and Housing Services Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the vehicle.

A city-owned security camera captured several photos of the truck illegally dumping.  The camera failed to focus properly on the license plates, but the truck has a unique paint job of bright orange on the front under the grill. Ashurst added the truck has temporary tags on the back, the front grill reads GMC while the the tailgate says Chevrolet and both windows are broken but have trash bags covering them.

Ashurst asked that if you see the truck, contact him at 816-513-9097 and leave a detailed message if he doesn’t answer. If possible, take note of the location the truck was spotted and the license plate.

This truck was spotted illegally dumping.

This truck was spotted illegally dumping.