It’s About Community

Posted March 11, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
March 12, 2014

Most of the time, this space is dedicated to our staff Newshound railing against the folly of city government and its inability to do anything efficiently. This week however, this crafty newsdog is praising some Historic Northeast neighbors for their restaurant, strike that, café makeover at the Towfiq Café at Lexington and Brooklyn Avenues.

We spotlighted this in last week’s edition but we’d like to give those responsible for marshaling some business resources some extra credit. Ringleader Kristin Johnson parlayed some cool funds from Arrow Equity for paint and new light bulbs for the ceiling fixtures to get the ball rolling. Another neighbor, Amy Ritterskamp, designed new menus and Indian Mound neighbor Dorri Partain is making some nifty throw pillows for the window benches, soon to be re-done by Tate Williams.

Tools for the project were loaned by Michael Stringer, as well as Ben and Beth Bezanson. Marty Roe, principal at About the Coffee off of 31st Street and Southwest Boulevard stepped in and did some preventive maintenance on the café’s espresso machine so the owners can begin to give the public what it demands – lattes for everyone!

Towfiq’s owners, the Abdalla brothers, have contributed their own sweat equity as well, which is exactly why this is all about community. Instead of being put off by an immigrant business, these residents worked with owners on building their American Dream! Sometimes all it takes is one seed to germinate the change.