As the wrecking ball swings

Posted January 15, 2014 at 12:00 am

Northeast News
January 15, 2014

It’s not popular, especially down at 11th and McGee where the Kansas City Public Schools’ re-purposing offices are located, but a latecomer to the party, a group called Save Thacher, has gotten some pretty big attention recently in its efforts to save Thacher Elementary School from the wrecking ball.

For the record, this news-dog is on board with the effort. District officials should seriously consider donating the building to a local non-profit in order to save the $200,000-plus in demolition costs and preserve a major piece of Independence Avenue history.

The Save Thacher group is diligently attempting to find a viable developer for the property but given the KCPS paradigm and short timeline for results, this sad little pooch isn’t holding her breath. It’s not popular or convenient given the district has already drawn up plans to use the newly created green space as an expanded athletic field for the soon to be re-opened Northeast Middle School. This doggie thinks there’s plenty of space for athletics already, and Thacher should be spared the fate of so much other history in our town that’s now a pile of rubble.

Its central location, along with its architectural style, make it a stellar centerpiece for potential Independence Avenue re-development. This li’l pooch activist thinks it’s time to jump-start the email barrage to district officials requesting the building be spared from the same fate as McCoy. Let them know how you feel; here are the email addresses for the repurposing office and the school board: and If it can be done at Bancroft, it can be done here – with or without Brad Pitt.