Holiday Open House

Posted December 11, 2013 at 12:00 am
fairy princess poses w another young girl.tif

Fairy Princess Mia Rosinski and 4-year-old Isabella Kafka are all smiles.Leslie Collins

little girl and princess dog.tif

Isabel Candillo greets the Fairy Princess puppy while Francine Hemry grabs a closer look at a Fairy Princess dress. Leslie Collins

Northeast News
December 11, 2013

Fairy Princess Cheer. The Kansas City Museum hosted its annual Neighborhood Holiday Open House Dec. 6, offering a spread of appetizers, seasonal music and of course, the grand introduction of this year’s Fairy Princesses and Fairy Princess Costume Contest winners. Winners included Isabel Candillo, Mykah Hooker, Olivia Armstrong and Abigail Contreras. Each winner received a goodie bag from a Fairy Princess.

children gather round fairy princesses.tif

Sisters Holly and Frances Lafferty visit with youngsters. Leslie Collins

fairy princess and kiddo princesses.tif

This year’s princesses in white are Mia Rosinski, Holly Lafferty, Frances Lafferty and Rachel Horth. Leslie Collins

fairy princess talkers.tif