City earns kudos from NE News

Posted February 26, 2013 at 10:13 pm

February 27, 2013

This feisty, opinionated news diggin’ pooch spends a lot of time in the column offering critical analysis of things that just don’t sit right or completely defy common sense. We’re going to depart from that this week and offer some praise to the city of Kansas City for their tireless work last Thursday in keeping the city’s streets and byways as clear as humanly possible.

In impossible conditions, this newsdog witnessed plows running up and down St. John Avenue, often at a rate of three or four times per hour. Overnight, from Thursday in to Friday, we continued to hear plows hitting the main arteries as well as the residential sides. We may spend an inordinate amount of time grousing about the lack of common sense on the part of this city, but this time around, the city did a great job of keeping the roadways open and clear.

By Friday morning, most of the main arteries in Northeast were clear of snow, and wet, bare pavement was rule of the day. Kudos to Public Works, Parks and Rec and all you plow/sand truck drivers. Your herculean effort wasn’t lost on us here at The House of News. Big difference from the old days when plows on residential side streets were as scarce as hen’s teeth. Now if we could just get our trash picked up and the mail delivered…