Holy Cross Catholic School celebrates Chinese New Year

Posted February 7, 2013 at 4:57 pm

Northeast News
February 7, 2013

One gigantic homemade dragon? Check. Two hundred eighteen students? Check. Student-made hats, masks and costumes? Check. One 60 degree day to parade said costumed students and dragon outside? Check, check and done.

Wednesday afternoon the student body at Holy Cross Catholic School donned their handmade Asian New Year hats and costumes and lined up behind the dragon to parade outside on school grounds to help usher in the Vietnamese and Chinese New Year that will be celebrated between February 10th through the 18th.

According to Holy Cross Principal Jean Ferrara, the school’s Asian student population was quite busy last week instructing the rest of the student body on the customs and traditions of the New Year’s celebration.

“Our Asian student population is about 18 percent right now, and they taught the rest of the student body how to say, Happy New Year’ in both Vietnamese and Chinese,” said Ferrara as she watched the festivities.

The celebration is in its third year and is designed to build appreciation for the different cultures and nationalities represented in the school and Parish.

Photos by Michael Bushnell