One can, one vote – all for the greater good

Posted November 7, 2012 at 12:00 am

November 7, 2012

Scott and Laura Wagner have found a fun way to get involved in the political scene and make it a win-win for everyone concerned.


Scott Wagner

Every election cycle, the couple sponsors an event called “Vote with your Cans,” a food drive that benefits local food pantries and charities. The objective is for friends and neighbors to “vote” for the political candidate of their choice; one can is equal to one vote. Voting often is highly encouraged!

This year, in a huge “can-slide,” the Romney camp tallied up a whopping 170 cans (votes), putting the big hurt on the Obama camp that came in with 134 cans. The event has a 50-50 record of accurately predicting the outcome, so we’ll see how this year’s event faired after the big showdown on Tuesday.

The beneficiary of this year’s generosity is Advocates for Families, a local charity that assists families in looking beyond their circumstances and breaking the cycle of poverty.