Trashy social engineering

Buzz PIc.tif

August 15, 2012

Last week this newshound got wind of some trashy moves by the city’s Parks Department that allegedly are designed to get folks at the Concourse to walk a little farther with their garbage by removing the trash cans -including the concrete pad they’re fastened to – from the Benton and Gladstone Boulevard frontages. Apparently, due to the economy, folks had been using the cans illegally for their extra trash bags instead of purchasing the requisite sticker from the city for said extra bags.┬áThis li’l doggie calls that resourceful, especially given the bags could have gone to Cliff Drive or alongside an area roadway, which is exactly where they’ll go now given the cans close to the street are now history.

Here’s a li’l reminder for the Parks Department on where those cans came from once upon a time. Scarritt Renaissance submitted a PIAC request (at the behest of former Parks guy Mike Heron) to allow for some decorative trash receptacles at the Concourse. Now, sadly, we’ll have some extra decorative trash bags left in their place. (See above picture taken this weekend at the Concourse as proof). Now that your little experiment in social trash engineering has failed, may we
please have our pretty trash cans back?