Lipstick on a pig

Posted July 3, 2012 at 11:00 pm

July 4, 2012

Baseball’s All-Star game is upon us and the city is working feverishly to spiff things up wherever there are All-Star game related activities. Like along the I-70 corridor where a string of dilapidated, long abandoned houses will be razed to make things all pretty for our out-of-town guests. Or down by Satchel Page stadium, where vacant lots will be preened, cleaned and made better than new, just for our All-Star visitors. All with the help of more than $180,000 appropriated from the Missouri Legislature for the cause.

Well this newshound knows lipstick on a pig when she sees it and this ugly sow has lipstick smeared all over its long-neglected face.

It’s really too bad the city had to rely on the state for the cash to polish things up for the big game.

Even sadder, however, is the fact that this mayor and the present city council value the opinion of some 50,000-plus tourists more than they value the opinions and needs of their citizenry. 

Note to the mayor and council – your true colors are showing, and they don’t have the best interest of the citizen at heart.

But then again, we already knew that.