ElBryan responds to homeschooling cartoon controversy

Posted March 29, 2012 at 9:01 am

March 29, 2012
To the Editor:

The March 21 edition of Retorts Illustrated was created in response to the homeschool parents that publicly opposed a daytime curfew intended to reduce crime. The cartoon, like the curfew, was not about homeschooled children; it was about criminals. The homeschool families chose to make it about them, and were therefore considered for the topic of a response. It was simply satirical insight as to why homeschool parents might oppose the curfew.

Currently, residents of Northeast are victims of daytime burglaries, many of which are perpetrated by truant youths. This curfew would provide law enforcement with another tool to address this problem. I find the notion that innocent homeschooled families would be unfairly fined for simply leaving their house to be more ridiculous than the images depicted in my cartoon.

I’m no different than any other private citizen with an opinion. I’m happy to continue sharing those opinions in the pages of the Northeast News, as well as reading yours, even if we may disagree from time to time.

Northeast resident; parent; outrageous cartoonist

(Editor’s note: To view the original cartoon, visit http://northeastnews.net/pages/?p=11671).