The unseen side of policing

About two weeks ago, a horrific scene unfolded on the 23rd Street Bridge over I-70. A young man with a history of depression and mental issues took his own life by diving off the bridge onto the Interstate below. Tragically, this scene unfolded in front of the man’s mother and sister who had arrived at the scene with police to attempt to talk the man down from the edge.

Back in the day, the scene would have been processed and the family of the deceased individual would have been left to fend for themselves in the aftermath of such an event.

That day, however, was not today.
Almost immediately, Kansas City Police Department social workers established crisis support services for the family, ensuring they were provided critical resources, including grief counseling services and the Police Department’s Chaplains. The next day, Community Interaction Officers learned that the family lacked resources to properly bury their loved one. East Patrol Officers dipped into their own pocket for a suit for the deceased man, complete with a matching shirt and tie.

Local cleaning guru, Joyce Jones at Speedy Cleaners, jumped in and helped complete the wardrobe and cleaned the suit at no charge to the family.

A local grocery store also contributed, providing flowers for the funeral service. The Job Corps in Excelsior Springs also offered their culinary education program, to ensure food was provided for the family and the services.

East Patrol Officers stepped up and made donations to the funeral as well as the obituary that was run in a local paper, with almost no expense to the family. Department social workers remained with the family throughout the week following the tragedy and attended the funeral of the young man with one officer and one Sergeant.
It should be noted that this took place on their day off.

The family of the young man expressed overwhelming gratitude for the Department’s support during such a difficult time.

You won’t hear about this in the main stream media which is why this blue-backing News-Dog is telling this story here. In a time when stories of so-called police brutality dominate the main stream news cycle and activist groups and certain elected officials sponsor senseless “hands-up” legislation in the Missouri State House, the Dog is here to show the compassion and dedication shown by local Law Enforcement Officers and Department social workers so a family could bury their loved one with dignity.

This Dog would like to say thanks for all you do in our community.

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