Time for the Gov to step aside.

Well, last week was certainly an eventful one for this news writing pooch. Between the Broward County Sheriff’s Department lack of action during a school shooting, to the Missouri Governor’s indictment for felony invasion of privacy, it’s been a week of cowardice, that’s for sure. We hear there’s a $5,000 reward offered by news giant CNN for any image of the disgraced Governor in handcuffs as he was led from the Capital in Jefferson City. Gotta love it.

That said, the Dog thinks it’s time for you to go, Mr. Governor. The indictment is the last straw in a laundry list of shady dealings surrounding your candidacy and your election.

Let’s talk about the Missouri Ethics Commission fine you were charged with last year for failing to disclose the donor list from your veterans “charity”. Former State Senator Ryan Silvey led a group of legislators in an investigation into the Governor’s use of so called “dark money” to fund your campaign and allegedly the inaugural ball as well. Contributors to the gala, as you may recall, were not required to disclose the amount of their contributions. Conveniently, the Governor appointed former Senator Silvey to the Public Service Commission and strangely the inquiries about dark money have all but vanished.

Additionally, what about Greitens’ ties to a political non-profit group started by his staffers called, A New Missouri? That group allegedly funneled unlimited campaign contributions to Greitens’ gubernatorial campaign. Last but certainly not least, the Governor’s flagrant abuse of Missouri’s Sunshine Laws. Laws put into place in order to guarantee transparency in government. Greitens and his team used an app that deletes text messages almost immediately after they’re sent. If used in the execution of the State’s business this is clearly a violation of the state’s Sunshine laws. We’d like to know what was sent to whom, when it was sent and the subject matter contained in those deleted messages. How convenient, especially when you carefully script and craft your message to your adoring followers on a variety of social media platforms. We’re not even going to get in to his treatment of Missouri Press Association newspapers as red headed stepchildren.

Far too many questions continue to swirl around your office and your campaign as a “political outsider”. This Newsdog finds it strange that as a so called outsider you seem to be plagued by a number of insider scandals and issues. The last time a Missouri Governor resigned was in 1856 when sitting Governor Polk was chosen by state lawmakers to serve in the Senate. History notwithstanding, do the right thing Mr. Greitens. Resign now so that the people’s business can be done at the State Capital. You’ve become everything that’s wrong with politics in Missouri.

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