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Over the last few weeks, this community-minded Newsdog has seen an outpouring of support on social media for local businesses recently shuttered, through no fault of their own, by the burgeoning pandemic, COVID-19.

Restaurants have shifted their focus to providing carry-out only and delivery is now available for local grocery outlets.

Even locally-owned J. Rieger & Co. has pivoted their business model from distilling recreational alcohol and spirits to providing branded bottles of hand sanitizer, all in an effort to keep some level of commerce going during these difficult and changing times.

But the Dog is curious as to how community journalism will fare. We’ve received multiple emails from the larger ad agencies we do business with, asking for contingency plans in the event of a total catastrophic meltdown.
While the outpouring of vocalized support is heartening, how do communities support their locally-owned community journalism outlets such as the Northeast News? 

Our business model is the same as the locally-owned restaurant or tavern, with the exception being the product we deliver.

We’re embedded in our community to provide news and information in a timely manner to our readers and followers. Our print product reaches over 9,000 businesses and households on a weekly basis. 

Our online platforms reach a much larger audience both geographically and per capita. Both media platforms have been recognized by the Missouri Press Association with a number of awards for our news and editorial content.  

For almost 90 years, our community has turned to one source for news related to our community. That source is the Northeast News.

To that end, we’ve established two secure portals on our web page that will allow our readers and followers to support locally-owned community journalism. 

Small businesses and—this Newsdog would argue—community journalism are the backbone of any community and the Historic Northeast community is no exception.

If you believe in locally-produced, locally-owned community journalism, visit our web page at

Donating helps secure not only the future of the product by keeping the lights on, so to speak, but also provides insurance that our staff, the majority of which lives in the Historic Northeast community, will be able to provide for their families. 

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