Shaping beauty by hand: The work of Rebecca Koop

Reese Bentzinger
Editorial Assistant
Northeast News

Pottery is an art form intertwined with nature. Since the dawn of civilization, artists have been crafting with clay to make everything from bowls to statues.

It is this connection that drew Rebecca Koop to pottery. For her, pottery is multi-dimensional. With her hands and a little bit of ingenuity, she can craft practical items, such as teapots, that she can use any time. Other days, she plays with shapes and colors to show what’s on her mind.

Koop said, “I’m a creator, a maker. I just have a knack for making things.”

Her knack for creating things has existed since childhood, with experimentation in many art forms. Koop’s love for pottery stems from its connection to the world around us. Her latest project, a large mosaic, which was featured on the cover of the October 17, 2018 edition of Northeast News, will leave a lasting mark on her building, and is a shining example of this connection she feels.

She believes that the nature involved with her project, “fits well with the structure of her building.”

Koop wants to spread her love of art throughout the Historic Northeast, hoping to take an active role in the beautification of the community. Working in the area since 1979, she hopes to give back to the community that’s given her a space for her art.

“I like my neighbors, I like my community,” she said.

If you’re interested in Koop’s pottery, her studio is available to book appointments.

Visit for more information.

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