Sam Davis of Shelter Insurance shows no signs of slowing down

By Paul Thompson
Northeast News

It’s 9:00 a.m. on a Friday morning, and Sam Davis is already well into his day. He made it to the gym by 5:30 a.m., attended bible study shortly thereafter, and carved out some time to touch base with the Northeast News. Davis is more than 25 years into his second career as a Shelter Insurance agent, and he isn’t showing signs of slowing down. He politely declines coffee as he reveals that he’d like to keep working for another decade, that retirement is far from imminent. To hear Davis tell it, retired life would simply be too boring.

“Most people my age are wanting to retire in the next three years or four years, but I’m like, “No! I enjoy the business, I’m helping people, I’m having fun at it; and what else am I going to do?” said Davis.

The early morning workouts certainly help, but another activity that keeps Davis going strong is coaching. He’s coached softball since 1990, when his daughters started playing. Although they’re grown now, Davis still finds joy in the game.

“Very few people hang onto it after their kids are grown,” said Davis. “That’s the difference in me; I just look forward to it each and every year. Softball and work is what I’ve pretty much got going.”

On the work side of the equation, Davis has been focused on building his life insurance business of late. He says that the property and casualty side of his business is still progressing nicely, too. Davis’s youngest daughter serves as his office manager, and handles many of the client calls that come into the business.

“She gives out very personal service, and that’s one of the things that Shelter is known for,” said Davis. “She does a tremendous job with that.”
Davis began his business in the Northeast, and he remains loyal to the area even as he has expanded to other communities.
“I pretty much started my business in the Northeast, and a lot of my business is still in the Northeast,” said Davis.

One of Davis’s trademarks for many years has been his business cards, which have holes punched into them. For Davis, the hole punches symbolize the holes that exist in many people’s insurance coverage. It’s just another way for Davis to get people thinking about protecting themselves from calamity.

“You may have holes in your insurance coverage, and you need to talk to an insurance professional that will see that you are protected correctly,” said Davis.

Now a veteran in the insurance business, Davis doesn’t take long to identify his favorite aspects of his line of work.
“It’s just the fact that I can help people, and making sure that they get the right kind of insurance,” he said. “I don’t want to just sell you something; I want to make sure that I sell you what you really need.”

“We try to meet your needs and take care of your needs, because if something does happen, you’re protected,” Davis added. “That’s what you really get out of this business. That’s what gives you gratitude in this business.”

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