Remember This? Mileage meter.

Dorri Partain
Northeast News

How many miles can you drive between fuel-ups?

This handy mileage meter, compliments of your local Skelly dealer, makes it easy to calculate.

Just line up the miles driven and the amount of gas used to determine the miles-per-gallon ratio.

A chart on the back made it easy for drivers to keep track of gas purchased, date, miles driven, and miles per gallon.

The Skelly Oil Company was founded in 1919 by William G. Skelly (1878-1957) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Service stations spread across the midwest, with locations in eleven states including Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Skelly Truck Stops dotted the interstate highways, featuring Skeltone and Keotane brand gasolines and Skelmark and Tagolene motor oils.

Nickerson Farms, a popular roadside restaurant chain, also sold Skelly gasoline.

Another company division, Skelgas, marketed propane gas.

Corporate offices were located in Tulsa and Kansas City.

Following the Spanish styling of the Country Club Plaza, the Skelly Building dates to 1938 and was expanded in 1948 and 1955.

Situated at 605 W. 47th Street, the building tower still shows the original ornate Skelly signage.

In 1977, the Skelly brand signs began coming down, to be replaced with Getty Oil signs.

J. Paul Getty had obtained major interest in the company during the Great Depression but maintained the Skelly division with founder Skelly as CEO.

In turn, Getty was bought out by Texaco, and the signs switched again in 1984.

The Skelly logo and brand name was purchased in 2012 by Nimmons-Joliet Development to market a line of motor oils and transmission fluids.

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