Recognized for Excellence

As the curtain falls on another annual Missouri Press Association convention, our team here at the House of News was once again recognized for excellence in journalism by our peers for our ongoing service to the Historic Northeast community.

Mr. Publisher Bushnell secured a first place award in the Tilghman Cloud Editorial Awards category for an editorial entitled “Giving Voice” that was published May 16, 2018.

The content centered on giving voice to not only the community, but also to those who traditionally don’t have a voice.

The editorial also defines community journalism and how we cover not only the community, but also the communities within our community, “giving a voice to the voiceless.”

Bunny the Newshound also secured a second place award in the same category for an editorial entitled “A Free and Unencumbered Press,” published July 31, 2018.

That piece centered on those in the community who would rather have our voice muzzled because their political leanings don’t line up with those of the News-Dog.

The fourth estate isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Former managing editor, Paul Thompson, and Publisher Michael Bushnell secured an honorable mention for a series of articles on the ongoing saga at 441 Bellefontaine, a house in the Scarritt Neighborhood and its owner who were embroiled in a dispute with the city.

Recently, the city completed exterior repairs on the house and the occupant was allowed to remain in her home.

Editorial Satirist Bryan Stalder secured a third place award for a cartoon published on June 13, 2018 spotlighting the seemingly, never ending construction projects that made motoring in Historic Northeast an incredible challenge.

Last but certainly not least, we secured a second place award for editorial page design published March 7, 2018 that centered on the city’s PIAC program and a cartoon entitled “One light, two light, power and light, no light (at the end of the tunnel).”

The Northeast News is honored to continue offering award-winning news coverage in one of the city’s most vibrant and diverse communities.

We’ve got a great team here and we’re moving into some exciting new media platforms.

Please continue to support community journalism.

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