Race baiting 101

Last Friday afternoon the House of News received a release from the Kansas City, MO Police Department referencing a claim from a Kansas City, Kansas attorney named Atif Abdel-Khaliq, who at least for now is representing one Chase Dominique Moss, who was apprehended following a rolling gun battle through the Indian Mound neighborhood in the early morning hours of March 6th, 2018.
The letter from the attorney is written in such a way as to curry sympathy for his client, citing his “savage beating” allegedly at the hands of the police. Further language refers to his client being beaten, and I quote: “like a slave owner might punish a slave.” Truly one of the more entertaining releases we’ve seen in quite a while. That said, this truth minded news-dog is here to give you a little snapshot of the players involved.

Moss, the driver of the car, is no stranger to Missouri’s penal system. At the time of this infraction he was on probation for an October 2017 Felony Stealing charge that, according to Casenet (the website for the Missouri court system), had been continued to March 6th, the very day Moss decided to go on a shooting spree after getting in a tussle at an Independence Avenue strip joint. For the record, our stellar County Prosecutor decided it was a good choice to suspend Moss’s sentence for that charge and put him on probation for five years, being the fine upstanding citizen that he is.

The attorney who sent the missive to the media is no great shakes either. In 1999 Atif Abdel-Khaliq had his law license suspended by the Kansas BAR Association indefinitely. Then known as Michael McIntosh of the McIntosh Law Offices, he petitioned Kansas in 2010 to get his law license back and resume his practice. Looks like his practice is soaring given the caliber, pardon the pun, of client he’s repping here and the dramatic flair he exhibits in his manifesto to the KCPD.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the media outlets he sent his race-baiting screed to. All of the local TV outlets received Abdel-Khaliq’s letter, as did the paragon of print journalism, the Kansas City Star. What this news-dog found incredibly interesting is that the Kansas City Call and the Kansas City Globe, two papers that specifically serve the city’s black community, were the only other print media to receive the letter. The Dog simply asks that you do the math.

Abdel-Khaliq and Moss want a trial in the court of public opinion, preferably right out there on social media. That way, Abdel-Khaliq can have his criminal client’s record expunged of these heinous and trumped up charges (sarcasm implied). The Dog will be watching how the County Prosecutor handles this case, given our first-hand experience with a violent felon who walks the streets of Northeast today thanks to their inability to properly charge someone who obviously has no business outside of a prison cell.

Here’s a heads up for the Legal Eagle Khaliq: your client went on a shooting rampage through a highly-populated neighborhood with a modified, illegal firearm. He continued to discharge his weapon without regard for the safety of anyone in the path of the rounds that left his weapon. In Bunny’s eyes, anyone in the way of those slugs was nothing more than collateral damage. It is the opinion of this law-abiding news canine that your client surrendered his rights when he decided to endanger an entire innocent community with his flagrant and repeated violations of the law with an illegal weapon. Time for you to sit down, stop the race-baiting and try to make sure your client shows up for court.

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