Precious Snowflakes


Northeast News
February 8, 2017

Well the Dog has been watching some of these protests of late that are brought to you by those precious snowflakes who just can’t seem to grasp reality following the election of DJT as our nation’s president and his flurry of XO’s immediately following his inauguration.
One such executive order calls for a temporary restriction into the United States on refugees from seven different nations. An interesting aside is one nation noticeably not on the list: Saudi Arabia, the nation where the radical Islamic terrorists who masterminded the 9/11 attack were from. Politics, you understand. Just more style over substance in this dog’s mind.
That aside, this conservative pooch doesn’t subscribe to the thinking that just because your candidate lost the election and you’re upset about it, you get a free pass to riot, physically assault people with opposite political viewpoints or deface public and private property, like this lovely tag in the Pendleton Heights neighborhood we happened upon last week.
This Bunnified news writing pooch laughs at the hypocrisy of it all. Keep in mind these precious snowflakes who demand safe spaces because their feelings were hurt, these oh so tolerant and welcoming types who interestingly don’t welcome opposing viewpoints are the ones causing all this havoc, destruction and unrest. Consider the young Trump supporter who was pepper sprayed by a violent leftist during last week’s Berkeley riots, after Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos was booked to speak on campus. Precious snowflake rioters destroyed over $1 million in property and assaulted countless individuals whose opposing viewpoint they found unacceptable. They don’t call it ‘berserkely’ for nothing.
Interesting isn’t it, that the very people who claim to be more tolerant than us “evil” conservatives are the ones burning the flag and destroying public property in response to a gay immigrant speaking at a public university. Tell me again how Conservatives are the Fascists?
Which brings us to this lovely example of liberal tolerance painted on a building in the Pendleton Heights neighborhood. Not lost on this Newsdog is the fact that the building is owned by a Middle Eastern immigrant and the businesses housed therein are immigrant-owned, as well. The tag went up last week and was painted over by the weekend. Then, almost by magic the tag reappeared and the vandalism was actually celebrated on social media. Some are even predicting tags like this will become the norm as a public statement of resistance against the current administration.
While the Dog has no issue with public protests, we draw the line at destruction of property, flag burning and physically assaulting those with opposing viewpoints. That’s why we welcome opposing viewpoints in the pages of our newspaper. We also send props to Congressman Emanuel Cleaver for hosting a town hall this alast Saturday to discuss the issue of immigration. No fights, no assaults, no flags were burned, all in all an orderly and cognitive discussion on the issue.
One last word to the individual who tagged up this property; the dog hopes you’re caught and made to clean the offending tag off the building. We’d throw prosecution in there too, but given the current paradigm at the courthouse that would be an impossibility.

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