LTE: Student walkouts have been inspirational

In Bunny the News Hound’s recent editorial (Mar 21), she has not given us “The Bigger Picture,” but a much smaller one. The protests started by the students from Parkland, FL, have been inspiring and given me hope. They are willing to act while their elders dither. This is democracy in action.

If Bunny would, for a moment, stop looking for leftist conspiracies under every cabbage leaf, maybe a conversation could take place. None of the youth I’ve heard speak, or read their editorials, suggested that farmers, hunters or collectors should be deprived. The youth are passionately protesting the ready availability of powerful weapons designed to be used by well-trained military personnel.

My reading of their words would indicate that the kids are intelligent and capable. If parents, teachers and other sympathetic adults are involved, that’s more to their credit.

These youth have generated a spontaneous following, not unlike the #MeToo movement. To attribute the young people’s protests to adult manipulation, and their words scripted by “lefties,” is a terrible insult. Evidently, I have a higher opinion of a these teenagers’ thoughtfulness and initiative.

If Bunny is only getting her news from Rush or Glenn or Breitbart or Fox, then she might—following her own advice to The Left—branch out a bit.

Right on, kids! Remind us how it’s done!


-Catherine Morris

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