LTE: Scalia’s majority opinion

Judging from Bunny’s last commentary in the 3/21 edition, it appears that the wheels have finally fallen off our beloved newshound’s newsmobile. The poor pooch actually thinks that the walkout demonstrations following the mass murders in Florida were NOT rooted in truth “at the local level.” What degree of tragedy could be more in-your-face truth?

But poor Bunny thinks that there was a giant left-wing contingent of conspirators laying in wait at Stoneman-Douglas to manipulate these kids into action following the atrocity of death they had just witnessed! Of course nationwide support and galvanization followed along with money donations and coordinated demonstrations. This is called DEMOCRACY.

Then, Bunny goes on to noise about Second Amendment restrictions. Problem is, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that pooch has never read the most recent Supreme Court ruling in 2008, DC vs Heller, wherein Justice Scalia, writing for the 5-4 majority, goes to great lengths to lay down the allowable constraints to control unfettered possession and use of firearms. He (Justice Scalia) went so far as to reference the previous case of Miller wherein the Court referenced the context of the Second Amendment and the kind of firearms in use at the time (the single shot musket).

So, dear Bunny, with no ill will, I completely agree with your closing admonition to “Question Everything,” even the predispositions of our own minds. I, for one, could not be more impressed with these youngsters and all those who support them and their cause!


-Ed Papacena

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