Letter to the Editor: Saint Francis improving in the Northeast

Northeast News
December 14, 2016
Letter to the Editor (regarding the Saint Francis Apartments),
Saint Francis came to the Northeast in 1912, to the delight of many. Then at the turn of this century, his future was doomed, Saint Francis was to be destroyed. Behold, two angels appeared to save Saint Francis. Of course Saint Francis is the historic iconic apartment building at 300 South Gladstone, and the angels are Michael Stringer and Jason Milbrandt. Recently, I and many other neighbors attended an open house there. We were all amazed at the wonderful work they have accomplished there. Jason and Michael have taken great pains to keep the charm and integrity of this most revered structure in place. I am so proud to have them as my neighbors, and wish them great success in their coffee and flower shop endeavor. We are very fortunate to have so many people taking chances to help bring back Historic Northeast to its former prominence. We have another couple who I am so happy to have here in the area, who are bravely staying here in the Northeast as well. Larry and Susan are restoring the fire-damaged house on Norledge. My hat is off to all those that have put their sweat, tears, and money into making our beloved Northeast a special place to live. Let’s keep it up, and we will all have a better place to live.
A proud Northeast citizen and investor, Tony Abbott

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