Letter to the Editor: More lights could deter NE crime

Northeast News
October 1, 2014

Dear Editor,

One of the continuing concerns of residents throughout the Northeast neighborhoods is the issue of crime. I have noticed as I have driven along the side streets in various areas that hardly any residents take the initiative to turn on their porch or outside lights at dusk. This simple act can reduce crime by making your property more visible, and if someone were to approach your home at night, you would be able to see who it is instead of letting a potential criminal commit the act in the cover of darkness.

Over grown bushes and low-hanging tree branches can also play a factor in providing cover for criminals. By keeping your landscaping trimmed back, one can increase visibility, not just so you can see who is out there, but your neighbors can watch for potential criminal activity, as well.

Several neighborhoods have created crime watch pages on Facebook, which have been a big help in certain cases. Please familiarize yourself with the names of blocks near your home or in your neighborhood. If you are not aware if a street is two blocks or 20 blocks away from you, you are not a helpful member of the crime watch pages. This knowledge would also be helpful if you were to witness a crime and needed to call 9-1-1 with the location.

Dorri Partain,

Indian Mound resident

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